The Classic Wellington: Hunter Rain Boots

Hunter Rain Boots

Hunter Rain Boots

Though you may not have known the company name, the image that pops into your head when you hear the word “rain boots” is the image of Hunter rain boots–more specifically, the Wellington. Hunter manufactures shoes out of rubber or a synthetic rubber compound. They are ideal for wearing in the rain or in cases where your feet may get wet or dirty.

Hunter is well known for its quality. In fact, the quality of the boots is enough to earn the company The Royal Warrants of Appointments, making them the official supplier of waterproof footwear to HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

The classic Hunter Wellington is a knee-high green boot, but Hunter rain boots now come in a variety of colors and styles, from the practical to the fashionable. The boot that you choose should reflect its purpose as well as your own personal style.

For example, if you’re going to use the boot for its practical applications, such as in farming, you may want to choose a Hunter boot that is made from sturdier rubber, such as the Bullseye Full Knee. This has a large opening that makes it easy to slip on and off for your work, but is not quite as stylish as the other models. If you’re a gardener, you can choose from most styles and choose a color that reflects your personality. However, the Original Clog allows for more freedom of movement.

Of course, Hunter rain boots aren’t all about practicality. Part of the appeal is their fashionable style. When Kate Moss was seen wearing a pair of Wellies at the Glastonbury music festival in 2005 (shown above), she sparked an interest in the rain boots as a fashion accessory. They’re especially useful for those that live in larger cities, who must take public transportation and thus spend more time in the rain, and for those attending outdoor summer music festivals.

Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots

While there are many variations on the classic Wellington by Hunter Rain Boots, the most popular rain boots are the Hunter Original styles.  These come in both tall and short rain boots and in many colors!

Hunter Original Tall Rain Boot Wine Wellington

Here is the Hunter Original Tall Rain Boot in merlot (above). These rain boots feature a seamless waterproof shell and a cushioned footbed, ideal for year round use. The lining consists of woven nylon, making these boots ideal year round. For Fall and Winter use, warm wellie socks (see below) are recommended.   Also available in white, aubergine, black, chocolate, green, navy, pumpkin, red, and yellow.

UPDATE: Looking everywhere for Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots, but can’t find your size?  It’s not surprising, they are so popular this season that retailers can’t keep them in stock long enough!  If you were unable to find your size through the link above, try this source for Original Hunter Tall Rain Boots.  We are always looking for the best availability as well as prices and will update as we find more Hunter Rain Boots!  – Rachel

Hunter Glossy Tall Rain Boots

Hunter Women's Hunter Original Tall Welly Gloss Rubber Boot Black

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Here’s the same style Hunter Tall Original rain boot but with a  Gloss Black finish on the upper (shown above).  The Hunter Tall Original Glossy Rain Boot is available in a wide array of stunning colors, including black, beige, lava, pea green, turquoise, teal, pillar box red, bitter chocolate, navy and violet. Actual colors of the Hunter Gloss Rain Boots are pictured below.

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Update: Given their popularity this season, Hunter Glossy Rain Boots can be difficult to find.  If you are unable to find your size with the above link, try this source for Hunter Glossy Tall Rain Boots. – Rachel

Hunter Huntress Rain Boots

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The Hunter Huntress Tall Welly Rubber Boot (shown above) has a slightly shorter, but wider, shaft than the Original Tall Hunter Rain Boots.   These boots are designed for wider calves.  Also available in black and navy.

Hunter Regent Rain Boots

Hunter Regent rain boots are stylish and luxurious with sleek lines and an asymmetrical cut at the top of the shaft (see back view of images below).  The glossy vulcanized natural latex construction on these boots provides a seamless waterproof upper.    The Hunter Regent is made in a smooth or patterned glossy upper in black or bitter chocolate.  These gorgeous rain boots would look equally great dressed up or with more casual attire.

Hunter Regent with smooth glossy upper (shown below)

Hunter Regent Savoy with patterned glossy upper (shown below)

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Hunter Original Short Rain Boots

Hunter Original Short Rain Boot Green

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The Hunter Original Short Rain Boot is constructed with the same quality as the Hunter Original Tall Boot.   Shown here in green, the Hunter Short Rain Boot is also available in aubergine, black, chocolate, navy, and yellow.

Hunter also makes a Short Glossy Boot and they are available in beige, black, graphite, pillar box red, and turquoise.

Hunter Original Short Lace Rain Boots

Hunter Lace Up Short Rain Boot in Navy

The Hunter Original Short Lace Rain Boot is a nice compliment to the original Wellington boot but with lacing up the shaft of the boot. This rain boot is available in black, green, and navy.

If you are looking for something a little different than the traditional Hunter Rain Boots, you may be interested in the Original Hunter Boa Tall Rain Boots (shown below).

Hunter Boa Rain Boots

The Original Boa Rain Boot Black has all the durability and features of traditional Hunter boots but with a snake embossed rubber upper.  This boot is also made in a Short Rain Boot, shown below.

The Original Carnaby Boa Tall Rain Boots and the  Original Carnaby Boa Short Rain Boots are available in black only.

UPDATE: If you are unable to find Black Boa Rain Boots in your size at the above links, please check here.  The do sell out fast and the popular sizes are always the first to go out of stock.  – Rachel

There is also a metallic version of the Carnaby Boa Short Rain Boots in Pewter (shown below)

Hunter Welly Socks

1396-528500-p 1396-528500-7

The best way to stay warm and fashionable in your Hunter Rain Boots is with a pair of  Hunter Welly Socks.  The welly sock is a fleece boot-shaped stockings designed to designed to complement the Hunter Original boots.   The top of the sock folds over the rain boot and has a Signature Hunter logo on the front.   The Hunter Welly Sock come in a myriad of colors, including aubergine, black, charcoal, cream, green, lilac, lime, navy, powder blue, red, and violet.

Wellies look great when you pair them with skinny jeans or leggings, which are easy to tuck into the boot.   Anything baggy will bulge out of the top of the boots, looking sloppy.   You may want to have a few pairs of Hunter rain boots in different colors so that you can create different looks.   A black pair will go with anything, but it can be fun to use bright colors.

For a more sophisticated look, you can choose a pair of black Hunter rain boots.   The Regent Neoprene style is sleek and sexy.   Pair these with a skirt and tights.

You shouldn’t feel limited to wearing your rain boots only in cold weather.   You deserve to have warm dry feet even in the summer rain.   Accomplish this by pairing your boots with short shorts and a tank top.   This look works well when you use cutoff jeans.

It may seem obvious, but the key to looking good when wearing rain boots is to wear them only in situations where it is raining or you will be out in the mud.   If you are wearing them simply as a fashion accessory, people may look at you strangely.

The Wellington boot is often referred to as rubber-boots, wellies, or rain boots.  The boots were originally based on leather Hessian boots and were worn by the 1st Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley.   Subsequent to this, Wellington boot grew in popularity and was often worn by British aristocracy.

Hunter Boots are both classic and fashionable.    Hunter and Jimmy Choo have partnered to create the coveted Crocodile Print Wellington Boot.    These high-end designer Wellingtons (retailing for $395) are sophisticated and absolutely gorgeous.

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