Stylish and Functional Rain Boots For Women

Ralph Lauren Rain Boots

Rain boots for women are no longer the plain and functional rubber boots made for the sole function of keeping your feet dry in rainy weather.   From functional protection on rainy days to surging fashion trends, rain boots have evolved into much more than a simple boot.    The latest rain boots come in many styles from rugged to chic and may be worn with casual or dressy outfits.

As the new designs of rain boots today combine style and practicality, it’s no surprise that so many people are donning rain boots.    From high profile celebrities to trend-setting fashionistas and professional business women to college students looking for the latest fashions, rain boots are being worn not only to stay dry but to look stylish as well.

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There are many popular lines of rain boots for women and they can be found in many styles and colors, including bright shades of yellow, pink, classic black rain boots, rain boots with heels, and prints, such as houndstooth or plaids.

Each season we are seeing more and more high-end shoe designers adding rain boots to their collections.  Designer rain boots range from the classic and refined styles by Burberry and Kate Spade to more playful styles of rain boots, such as Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Betsey Johnson, Michael Kors, Loeffler Randall, Cole Hahn, and Ralph Lauren.  Even comfort shoe manufacturers such as Clarks, are starting to branch out into water and weather resistant footwear.

Hunter rain boots are by far the most popular rainboot and this year they have even more styles available in the US. The most popular Hunter Boots, of course, are classic wellington styles, such as the Original Tall, Huntress, and Original Short. However, more recently, their stylish designs, such as the Regent Savoy and Carnaby Boa are becoming more popular.  The growing popularity of Hunter boots has paved the way for a wider range of rain boots, including those with heels.  The Gabby (a short, mid height boot) and the Lapins (a tall lace up boot) styles by Hunter will give you a 3.5 inch lift with their rubber heel and great classic style.  Other design elements incorporated by Hunter, include hiker style, two tone, and lace up closure.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Rain Boots

The options for women’s rain boots are more than ever this season.    In addition to the many styles and colors, well-constructed rain boots are also very affordable.  So, whether you are looking for high end designer rain boots by Marc Jacobs or less expensive rain boots from Target or fun colorful printed rain boots or classic Hunter wellies; there are rain boots available to suit your expectations, personality, and budget.

Rain boots for women today are made from many materials and there are many features that simply make it a much better boot for inclement weather.   Since the new styles of rain boots for women now have more seams for styling, zippers, and even high heels, companies that manufacture these rain boots have had to incorporate advanced technologies into the materials they use.  For example, zipper lines need to be made with waterproof materials so rain does not get inside the boots, seams in uppers are sealed with best sealants available, if grommets are used – they are non-rusting, and many of the new tall boots for women have removable insoles.   The rain boots for women today are certainly a more viable alternative to leather or synthetic sneakers and even to the rain boots that were made years ago.

Hunter Carlyle Two Toned Rain Boots

Rain boots can be worn with many things during the rainy season, from pants to skirts and dresses.  Here are some simple times for how to wear rain boots:

Pants-  Rain boots look great with pants.  Pants can be tucked inside the rain boot or the boot cut pants can be worn outside the boot.  Consider the pant length when deciding to get a pair of rain boots with heels.   Rain boots with heels can keep longer pants from getting wet.   Also, when wearing printed or patterned rain boots such as plaids or checks,  wear pants in solid colors.  Pants that have patterns look best with boots that don’t have patterns.

Skirts and Dresses-  casual skirts and dresses can certainly be worn with rain boots.   As with pants, the same rules apply about patterns and colors.   Make sure that your colors and patterns do not clash.   Also, consider the height of the shaft on your rain boots.  Mid calf boots go well with above and below the knee skirts and dresses, while tall boots look best with dresses and skirts that are at least a few inches above the knee.  For cooler weather, try pairing opaque tights or leggings with your rain boots.

Kate Spade Randi Too Rain Boots

Another thing to consider when wearing rain boots are accessories.   Hats, rain coats, umbrellas, and handbags all come in a variety of styles and colors.  Pick accessories that will complement or, when carefully planned, contrast your rain boots.   Matching accessories look great, but also consider wearing red or yellow rain boots with a black rain coat for a more dramatic look.

No matter how gloomy and overcast the weather gets, you need not look drab and plain with the selection of rain boots that are available for women today.

Since rain boots for women are also very affordable, many choose to have at least 2 or 3 pairs of rain boots.  Personally, I prefer to have a classic black rain boot that is suitable for work and a pair of printed rain boots for weekends and casual outfits.   Shoe designers are now making rain boots women adore and find fashionable enough to wear anywhere.  With such a wide selection of styles and well made boots in every price range, there are rain boots for women to suit nearly every style!

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